PSW in PPAP | Part Submission Warrant Template explain

Part Submission Warrant (PSW) is the last document in the list of PPAP.

But PSW will finally decide your PPAP status, either PPAP approved, Rejected or Other.

Every automotive customer will ask you to provide the part submission warrant. And every company is bound to submit to the customer.

Lot of quality engineers struggling to know the PSW and how to fill this document.

This articles will explain you everything about the Part Submission Warrant (PSW). Also you will be master in the PSW document once go through it.

Let’s dive in,

Part Submission Warrant

What is Part Submission Warrant?

PSW is the complete summary of your PPAP documents and process. The entire information is capture in one document and it will be sign and approved by the customer.

So, you can say it is a document sign by customer to provide the approval of production to the supplier on the basis of all details mentioned in Part Submission Warrant document.

Why we do PSW? | What is the purpose of PSW?

Part Submission Documents is the summary of entire PPAP. And the information in the PSW say that we as a supplier meet all customer requirement for the product.

Then the supplier fil the PSW and send to customer. Then customer will verify all PPAP documents and the condition. Signed the PSSW and send back to supplier as a approval.

This means we do the PSW to have a mutual agreement between customer and supplier with accepted condition for the part approval.

What are the benefits of Part Submission Warrant?

  1. Quality Assurance: PSW ensures that the supplier parts meets all customer requirement.
  2. Documentation: It is the important summary document of the PPAP which is signed and agreed by both customer and supplier.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: PSW helps to build the trust and confidence towards the supplier. It’s because supplier committed to provide best quality parts as per customer requirement to the customer.
  4. Regulatory compliance: PSW ensures that supplier produce the parts with industry standards and requirement.
  5. Communication: It is the document which create the bond between customer and supplier in term of business conditions.

How to make and fill the PSW document?

You can have look on the below complete PSW document.

Part Submission Warrant explaining all content with bullet points and detail explainations
Part Submission Warrant

Let’s elaborate all terms and what information you need to fill there.

Product Details

  1. Part Name: Mention the Item part name as per engineering release details
  2. Customer Part Number: Part number as per Engineering release drawing, or customer communication
  3. Org. Part Number: Part number what the internal organization is use.
  4. Shown on Drawing No.: The part number shown on design records.
  5. Engineering Change Level & Date: Write the updated and latest engineering design change level and date.
  6. Additional Engineering Charges: Mention all engineering changes which are not available in the design record but those changes are on the part/product.
  7. Safety and/or Government Regulation: If there any safety and/or regulation then “Yes” otherwise “No”.
  8. Purchase Order No.: Write the Purchase order number or customer contract number.
  9. Weight (Kg): The actual weight of the part/product.
  10. Checking Aid No.: There is agreement as checking aid document in the PPAP list. Write the checking aid number.
  11. Checking Aid Engineering Change Level: Write the change level and date for the checking Aid.

Organization Manufacturing Information

12. Supplier Name & Supplier/Vendor Code: Mention details of the supplier with location and vendor code as per customer contract or customer system.

13. Street Address: Enter exact address of the supplier location.

Customer Information

  1. Customer Name/Division: Enter customer name and the group/location/division.
  2. Buyer/Buyer Code: Mention buyer code or name.
  3. Application: Enter the Vehicle model, engine or type of next assembly, year, etc.

Material Reporting

Man with the raw materials used for the part production and customer approval is must in part submission warrant
  1. Substance of concern information: This field is for the customer requirement on the reporting of material information. If you report the material information then “Yes”, else “No” or “n/a”.
  2. Submitted by: If you have report the material then, enter how you have report the material. Using IMDS or other customer format. Also enter the date of customer approval.
  3. Polymeric part identification: If you have a polymeric part the “Yes” or “No” or “n/a”
  1. Reason for submission: Here you need to tick on one of the reason for which you have submit this Part submission warrant or PPAP.

The PSW or PPAP submission done with one of the below reason.

  • Initial Submission
  • Engineering Change(s)
  • Tooling: Transfer, Replacement, Refurbishment, or additional
  • Correction of Discrepancy
  • Tooling Inactive > than 1 year
  • Changes to Optional Construction or Material
  • Supplier or Material Source Change
  • Change in Part Processing\Parts Produced at Additional Location
  • Other – please specify
  1. Submission level: When we submit the PSW there are PPAP levels you need to understand. And select one of the level at which you submit the PPAP to the customer. Which depends on the PSW, Product Samples and supporting data.
  1. Submission results: Tick on appropriate box for the required and submitted results to the customer.
  2. Mold / Cavity / Production Process: In this field, you should mention about the manufacturing process. If your part is made in more than one cavity or mold or tool then enter the same here.


Final signature and approval from the customer declaration remark on the Part Submission Warrant document
  1. Samples: Enters the number of parts manufactured during approval.
  2. Production time: Enter the time at which the above parts are manufactured. This will tell us the production rate at the time of PSW submission.
  3. Explanation/comments: You can mention additional information, comments which should be added into the PSW as remark consideration.
  4. Customer tool Tagging/Numbering: If you have a tools provided by the customer, then it should be identified by unique numbering system. Tick mark on “Yes” or “No”.
  5. Organization Authorized signature: When you filled all above documents then the company authorized person will signed the PSW document. It shows that all customer requirements are meet and mentioned in the PSW document.

Also fill some details of the authorized person, such as E-mail, Contact details, Designation, etc.

Customer use only fields: These fields should be leave blank. The customer will provide the acceptance and other remark if any.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PSW mean in manufacturing?

The full form of PSW is Part Submission Warrant. In the manufacturing industry PSW is the agreement document between customer and supplier. Once it is agreed and approved by customer then supplier is capable of doing the business by fulfilling all customer requirements.

How many submission levels are there for a part submission warrant?

1. Level 1 – Part Submission Wrrant (PSW) only
2. Level 2 – PSW, product samples and limited supporting data
3. Level 3 – PSW, product samples and complete supporting data
4. Level 4 – PSW and other requirement define by customer
5. Level 4 – PSW, product samples and complete data reviewed at supplier manufacturing location.

What is the PSW in APQP?

PPAP is the part of APQP process and complete PPAP is signed and approaved by the final submission of PSW documents. Where joint agreement and approaval of production process carried out. It is done at APQP last phse of developement cycle.

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