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Let’s understand everything about me and Quality Engineer Stuff.

Who I am​

I am skilled working professionals in the field of quality engineering.​

My goal is to create good-quality content for readers and quality engineers.

about quality engineer and journey towards creation of stuff for quality engineer

Let’s understand everything about me and quality engineer stuff.

As you read my resources of quality engineers skills and tools, I wanted to share my journey that could help you and others to improve their career in quality.

This is going to be long, yet interesting….

In this story, you know about me. How a small enterprise quality inspector become a quality professional earning a 6 figure monthly salary. And in manufacturing industry it is not easy.

I am a Engineer and Quality professional with over 10 years of experience in the Automotive industry.

I graduated from university with bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013. Since then, I started my professional career in the field of Quality.

I joined my first company after 15 days of result declared. My position was a Graduate Engineer Trainee in the small enterprise company. My role was to do the incoming inspection.

Where I work 12 hours a day doing the inspection of raw material using vernier caliper and micrometers. Sometimes I used to cut the sheets and send them to check the hardness of materials.

It was painful for me in early days, because my assumptions is I am an engineer and what work doing here. But there was no choice for me.

Then after 6 months I started working in process quality. Where my job role was to do first part and in-process inspection on the line. I was doing the same monotonous activity for almost 7 month. Do the inspection of first part then production starts. After every 1 hour I have to check again 3 parts and fill the inspection report.

I was literally frustrated.


I decide to discussed the situation with my manager. Then he moved me to do the Pre-dispatch inspection. It was the same activity what I did as inspection of parts but difference was, its done on final parts.

After my approval the parts sent to customer directly. Then suddenly one customer complaint occur due to defective parts. I was shocked and in fear of loss the job, because it was my role to check the final part. And I was the responsible for the complaint.

But I realize after some days that the customer complaints occur due to lack of prevention and detection controls in the process / system.

Then the activity of customer complaint handling started. Where I use to deal with customer complaint and preparing the action plan, 8D reports and submit to customer when needed.
I learned how to communicate with customer effectively. How to do problem solving, how to explain and report the issue to manager and management.

2.5 years passed till now and then I dive into the QMS documentation topic. Where I learned, what are the formats and documents in the company. How to fill those documents. Some reports I already go through my previous days such as inspection reports and control plan etc.
Up-to 3 years of experience I was having a basic understanding of important documents in the quality.

Now the problem is salary. I need to increase my salary and the scope of increase the salary in existing organization is very less. Found only solution to change the company.

I decided to changed my company now. I had done lot of interviews, almost 6-10.


Based on my learning and basic knowledge I got the opportunity to work in medium scale company in the new product development quality engineer role.

Then I learned, how new product is developed through the APQP process, Have a hand on experience in core tools (APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MSA and SPC).

Again my past experience of customer communication helped me in the new role.

I personally take interest in new improvement projects to solve the chronic issues in company. Where I used the six sigma tools and other problem solving methodologies.

Within next 2 year of span I learned each and every documentation and skills that required for a successful quality engineer.

Then I decide to switch and look for better opportunity where I can shape my career in next level.

Finally I got the job in reputed German MNC. Where my role is to support the documentation activity to the customer located in USA, Germany, France, Japan, and China.

I got a lot of exposure to interact with the people and learn a lot new things and tricks.

And finally, at this stage where I have the skill set, earning a six figure income per month salary from my job. Satisfied with my growth.

But when I look to my past, it was difficult. I literally work 12 hours a day with a very less salary. Struggling to find the correct career goal, no resources to learn. Lot of restrictions in the company that not learn apart from my daily work.

It’s like working as a machine. Doing the same thing again and again. No future scope and career growth.

Thanks to myself, I don’t quit and learn the new quality concept day-by-day and improve my own version.

That’s is my professional journey till date.


Now, when I think about the others. I realize that many quality engineers start professional journey, what I was started before.

And definitely you will be at my level in future but it takes lot of efforts and time. To avoid this time and money waste journey, I decide to create the content and resources for quality engineers help to grow in their career.

Value Add

What is unique in my content,

  • Easy language (No boring standard language use that is difficult to understand)
  • Industry examples
  • Unique flow for continuous reading and learn
  • Downloadable resources (Excel, presentations, pdfs)
  • Info graphs for better understanding

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