Bulk material in PPAP | Example and Checklist

PPAP is the important evidence and set of documents we submit to the customer. Bulk Material in PPAP manual is clearly differentiate.

As a Quality Engineer, we should know the concept of bulk material and how to deal with its PPAP requirements.

Let’s dive in for detailed concept.

What is Bulk Material?

For the manufacturing process we need a raw material which is in big quantity usually referred to as bulk material.

So, the material which is purchased or sold in terms of volume, weight, length, etc. are considered as bulk material.

Refer bulk material example below,

  • Metals (Steel coils, Bulk steel, sheets, Metal rods)
  • Sealants or adhesives (Solders, elastomers, etc.)
  • Coatings (Surface treatments, Primers, top/undercoat)
  • Fabrics Polymers (rubber, plastic, resins)
  • Oils
  • Coolants
  • Many more

Now you can understand the bulk materials concept.

In automotive industry the PPAP requirement for the bulk material is different than the other components we usually manufactured and supply.

Let’s see what PPAP guideline tells us about bulk materials.

What are the PPAP requirement for bulk material?

In the AIAG manual the applicability of PPAP for bulk material is not required unless and until specified / required by the customer.

Is it mandatory?

If the PPAP for bulk material is not required then it should be issue and authorized by customer representative.

Some companies have the standard catalogue of their products, so they think that we don’t need to submit the PPAP to the customer.

For the such scenario, communication is mandatory with the customer and take the prior approval from customer representative that no PPAP requirement is applicable.

Many OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) ask PPAP for bulk material and provide the approval.

Now as we stated that the PPAP of bulk material is different term than regular PPAP.

Then how it can be.

The solution is bulk material requirement checklist.

Bulk material requirement checklist explained

The documents and requirements is present in the PPAP manual with the name of “Bulk Material Requirement Checklist”.

Bulk material in PPAP requirement

You can refer below list of requirements may ask by the customer.

This is the agreement and evidence of the PPAP of the bulk material at other PPAP levels.

The column in the checklists are,

Required / Target Date:

Required means do we submit the document or not. If we submit then write the Target date or date of completion there. If we will not submit the document then simply write the “NR” means Not Required.

Primary Responsibility Customer:

Write the Name and function of customer representative who will give you approval.

Primary Responsibility Organization:

Write the name and function of the person who will be complete and provide the document.


Write any relevant comment with respect to the documents for better understanding and overview.

Approved by/date:

Enter the initial of the person who review and approve the document/item.

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