Flow Chart Guide – 7 QC tool

The flow chart is an important input for process understanding. When the requirement of explaining the process is then we show the Process flow diagram. Therefore we learn here about the flow chart guide.

There are many names for flow charts such as Process flow diagrams, Process maps, Process flowcharts, etc.

So, in this article, we discuss in detail about flow chart.

What is the Process Flow chart? | Flow chart diagram

It is the visual representation of the required operation sequence to complete the task.

The flow chart is one of the tools among 7 quality control tools.

It is use in many ways,
– Systematic drawing of the process to measure and improve,
– For process improvement study
– a common understanding of the process
– to identify potential weaknesses in the process visually
– to check a detailed picture of the process, and how it should be?

How to make a flow chart? | Draw flow chart

  1. List out all the processes involved in the project
  2. Brainstorm to identify the sub-process / sub-steps
  3. Use appropriate symbols as per process requirement
  4. And connect all the processes with the arrow marking to show the flow of the process.

Flow chart example

Flow chart example
Flow chart example

Before making a flow chart you need to understand the elements or symbols of the flow chart.

Each symbol represents the requirement of the process.

Flow chart symbols | Flow chart shapes

Both symbols can be used for the start or end point of the process flow.

Operation: Operation steps are to be written in the box.

Flow line: Use to indicate the flow of the process. The flow line is an arrow line to represent the flow.

Decision: Use when there is a question in the process. It should write inside the diamond and you will get a different answer.

Input or output: Use to represent what input and output of the process step.

Delay or wait: To show waiting in the process.

Documents: What are the documents use here? What documents need to update? or Which documents are mandatory?



Link to another page or another flow chart

Conclusion | Flow chart in Quality Control

So the Flow chart is one of the important tools to understand the process in detail. You can easily draw the flow chart using the standard symbols. It is one of the important tools in 7 quality control tools. Hope the flow chart guide is going to help you.

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