Qualified Laboratory Documentation in PPAP with example and

When we create the PPAP documents, the Qualified Laboratory Documentation is important PPAP requirement from every OEM or customer.

During the PPAP interview also you may ask this question. You can able to answer other documents question, but this won’t.

Because very few engineers know what exactly the qualified laboratory documentation is?

In this post you will clearly understood the concept of this documentation.

Let’s dive in,

Feature image showing the Qualified laboratory document with the seal and signature of authorized accrediation board

What is Qualified Laboratory?

In automotive industry, the laboratory doing the material or product testing and calibration for the customers is certified by the Government Body, or any other certification agency you can called as Qualified laboratory.

It is clear that we are now talking about the lab. Which is the laboratory who conduct various testing and inspection on the material side or product side.

Some example of testing are Material mechanical or chemical properties check, Salt-spray testing some thermal testing etc.

What is Qualified Laboratory Documentation?

Now when it comes to trust, you will always trust the lab who has a qualified or authorize certification.

Therefore each qualified lab has the Qualification lab certificate, and a unique certified number provided/accredited by the Government Certification Body.

When you give your product for testing, then the test results will provide you on the laboratory letterhead. On this letterhead all results are available, along with the name of lab, test details also what standards they have followed to perform such test.

Such report and format called as Qualified Laboratory Documentation.

Why customer/PPAP need qualified laboratory documentation?

During the PPAP, customer validate all documents and product that meets with their requirement.

When it comes to material testing and some product test which are perform in a specific conditions. Those conditions are meet in a dedicated measurement or testing facilities. Those facilities are perform based on some standard rules and regulation to have a good and accurate results.

Such conditions are followed by Qualified laboratories.

Therefore customer always recommend to perform such tests in external qualified labs.

Example of Qualified Laboratory Documentation

First you need to get the Qualified Laboratory Certificate from the lab.

Qualified Laboratory Certificate

This certificate mentions what are the testing’s perform by the lab? Basically it is scope of the testing. When the lab was certified and up-to which date?.

In USA there is a American Association for Lab Accreditation (A2LA).

American accredited body certicate provided to the the qualified material laboratory as a certificate

You can refer below certificate of qualified laboratory in India. And it is certified by “NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories)”

In Germany there is German Accreditation Body will certify other labs (DAkkS).

Indian and German accredited body certicate provided to the the qualified material laboratory as a certificate

Laboratory Test results

NABL Lab test report shows the results of lab test done by qualified material laboratory and act as a documents in PPAP
NABL Lab Test Results / Report

When you are not applicable to provide Qualified Laboratory Documentation?

When you submit or verify the PPAP documents from the customer, you need to prepare and present the PPAP checklist to customer.

In that checklist there are lot of documents mentioned as per PPAP and customer requirement.

In front of qualified laboratory documentation you just need to mention as not applicable.

But when you are not applicable?

When you are not responsible for material testing or material responsible then in that case you don’t need to perform the tests by external laboratories.

In that case this documentation is applicable to the supplier who is responsible for these testing and all.


Now you have clear idea on what is qualified laboratory documentation and how you can get the qualified laboratory documents in the PPAP file.

The all PPAP documents is important to know by every quality engineer.

I have created detail articles on each documents, explaining how to create those with example and also the files you can download for your practice and understanding.

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