Sample Production Parts in PPAP

Hi, You will find very less information on the topic or PPAP document of Sample Production Parts.

You will only get the answer in one line on the internet. Also in the AIAG PPAP Manual there is only one line explaining about the Sample Production Part.

Let’s get in,

sample production parts in the PPAP documents list

What is Sample Production Part?

Every automotive company is doing the PPAP to meet the customer and IATF requirement. The PPAP means you have to produce and submit the documents to the customer.

So, The Sample Production Part is the PPAP document requirement as per PPAP manual and customer requirement.

In this case when we do the production trail run for the PPAP. Whatever the samples or first PPAP run are the Sample Production Parts.

Thos parts should be produced as per customer specific requirement. All the samples has been verify and analyzed during the production or PPAP review by customer.

How do you document the Sample Production Part in PPAP?

As we produce the sample parts physically and submit to the customer. In that case you can capture the image of the parts or lot or batch.

Keep the copy of the picture with storage and all and make it documented evidence in your PPAP file. This will be retain throughout product lifecycle in future use.

The PPAP manual says that the organization shall provide sample product that specified by customer.

You can have approval from the customer on the sample parts and can retain some parts at supplier location as a master sample document.

The parts quantity also mentioned in Part Submission Warrant (PSW) document to show the production rate.

Also if you look at the PPAP submission levels, only level 1 PPAP excludes the samples submission.

Other Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 PPAP, you must need to submit the sample parts. And you should document the same as Sample Production Part.

Example of Production Parts,

sample production parts image
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