Customer Complaint Handling Procedure

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Today we will review in detail the customer complaint handling procedure.

So that it will give you a broad picture of customer complaint resolution and handling.

Each step is explained in detail at the bottom of the process flow.

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Complaints Handling Procedure

Customer Complaint Handling Procedure

How to handle customer complaints?

This complete process flow is the key to customer complaint handling

This process starts with a customer complaint received.
The complaint can be received in the form of Email, Letter, Phone, Fax, etc…
Record the data in the customer complaint register.

After a customer complaint, there is a consequence such as a part return.

Here the process is diverted into two ways one is the customer part return.

Once you receive the customer part return you need to identify the parts with the tag method.

This is done to avoid a mix-up of return parts in the Good parts batch.

Analyze those return parts by using measurement and what change in those parts needs to be analyzed first.

Non-Conformity Handling

The process of Non-confirming part handling comes with what to do for those NC parts.

It comes with segregation/rework/scrap.

Learn the complete process of Non-confirming handling by click here.

seriousness of problem

Now from here, a common approach is used for both scenarios such as customer part return Yes / No.

We need to assess the seriousness of the complaint & initiate a problem-solving approach.

initiate interim containment action

Containment action

To avoid customer line stoppage/customer dissatisfaction, we need to initiate containment action.

This should be initiated within 24 Hrs of receiving the complaint.

root cause identification

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

The next step is to find out the root cause of the problem.

First, use the cause and effect analysis.

Learn more about Root cause analysis in detail.

Corrective and preventive actions

Corrective & Preventive action

After finding the root causes, take action to eliminate the cause. Therefore, this action is nothing but a corrective action.

After the implementation of corrective action find the potential problem and take action which is called preventive action.

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submit reports to customer

Once the action has been taken submit reports to the customer.

In many cases, customers may ask for the reports in their format.

But more likely all the formats are referred from the 8D reports.

Learn 8D analysis in more detail.

review and update the customer complaint

Review the complaint and update all information in the customer complaint record.

So, the same information may require to present in the management review and audits.

So, it is mandatory to keep the customer complaint record.

end of customer complaint handling process

This is the way we handle customer complaints.


Finally, You have seen the way, How to handle the customer complaint?.

So, first communication received from a customer about the problem, do the containment action to reduce the seriousness of the problem. Then find out the root cause of the problem. Take corrective and preventive action. Check the effectiveness of action. Once done then submit the reports to the customer and maintain a customer complaint record.

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