Deviation Management: Problem solving after customer claim

In this post you will know about what is deviation management?. How we tackle the customer claim? What is the roadmap for problem solving?

First of all Deviation management is the key to problem solving. And in this process you must have a good communication media. We can say that, It is also the art of communication.

So now point is when the deviation occur…

As we are the manufacturing Engineers, we know that the defect occur in the process. It means the outcome of the process is not as per expected outcome.

Learn more about the defects concept in details.

So when the process output is not good, It will pass to next stage. The defective parts reach to customer end. This is the worst case in the manufacturing business.

What is Problem solving? The Art of problem solving.

If we are going to solve problem, means we face some problem. In this scenario we have problem that customer is found defect in out suppling good / parts / assembly.

Now it is found that the defect is generated in our process and this is nothing but the deviation.

And when the customer is claim then we say the deviation is occur.

Now here we need to follow one establish methodology call as 8D methodology.

The list of 8 discipline steps are as belows

  1. Form a team
  2. Describe the Problem
  3. Develop the Interim Containment Action
  4. Define & Verify Root Cause and Escape Point   
  5. Choose and verify Permanent Corrective Actions
  6. Implement and Validate PCA
  7. Prevent Recurrence
  8. Recognise team & Individual contributor

Now after goin though this systematic steps we found that the problem / deviation is fix.

But again some days later the same defect occur and customer dissatisfied with our actions. Then it is difficult to convince customer that we was taking the right actions, but it is too late.

Now the main term here is the communication and plan to work on deviation.

Communication and Problem solving plan? : Deviation handling plan

Here we are making a plan to follow the steps which will leads to solve the problem.

You can see in below chart there we use systematic approach to solve problem. Some steps from the 8D methodology is added.

Source by TUM handouts

This point is to gain trust from customer. And it will create the transparency in the system.

It shows you the plan of actions and how we are goin to kill the problem.

When customer is decides to stop the business due to heavy rejection and many claims. This plan will help you to monitor the action record and mitigate the risk of failure and you will get time from customer to do improvement.

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