Why Errors / Mistake occurs

Before problem solving approach there is important to know, What is errors? Identify the errors and learn methods to identify those errors.

The proactive approach problem solving is made by implementing the poka-yoke in the process or system. For the same you must need to learn the methods to identify errors.

And also learn principles for error proofing to identify multiple poka-yoke.

The first thing to know is,

What is an error?

It is an unplanned, accidental event in the process or system that can be leads to defect generation.

We can say that any abnormal condition leads to create the defective outcome will be the error in our system.

And it is also the sudden thing, we can say that such event is very difficult to control / prevent.

Why Error / mistakes occurs?

Now you know what is error, you got the bit idea for why error occur?

You have some basic example ideas then you clear on some common errors occur at home.

  • Forget to switch off electric water heater
  • Mail sent without attachment
  • Forget your anniversary
  • Forget to add salt in recipe

Similarly the errors can occur in industry

  • Operator forget to load one of component
  • Operator forget to clamp the part
  • Inspector forget to check one checkpoint
  • Load wrong part in machine

The errors are done naturally, no body is doing it willingly. Therefore we must accept mistakes are natural and it is the kind of bad performance.

Hence the defect will be generated. And it may detected at final inspection or at customer end.

Therefore strong controls need to establish in our system.

The controls include either detection or prevention. Prevention approach includes the action to prevent defect from occurrence. And this is mainly done by using the Human Error Prevention technique.

So it conclude that the error can occur due to the unplanned and accidental event in process. Therefore it is only prevent through error proofing Poka-yoke and Human Error Prevention technique.

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