What is the Effect, when you consider Errors are unavoidable

Many of us have belief that there will be no zero defect achieve in industry. So here we will know that what happen when the errors are unavoidable in the process.

Then the question is Human errors are unavoidable.

Instead of the unavoidable, As a practical person, we can say that 99.9% process performance is consider as best norms.

What are the Effects then?

As we accept the 99.9% performance norm, What does that mean?

  • 1 defective car per 1000 car produced. And if we consider the vehicle assembly with thousands of parts then.
  • While transaction in ATM machine, 1 transaction will dispense wrong amount in 1000 transaction.
  • 1 mistaken surgery in 1000 surgery, then 1 person dead in 1000 major operation.
  • 1 accident in every 1000 journey.

Then you got the point right?

The fact is, a single defect also contribute a huge loss to business and organization goal. That will leads to customer or user dis-satisfaction.

Defect errors

Now you clear about the defect/ error impact,

Next question is, How will we send 100% defect free product to customer?

The well known method we follow, that is “INSPECTION”.

But you know the inspection is too bad to control the defect. And also you know Why inspection is fail to prevent defect.

Ok then

  • Human errors are unavoidable
  • Not possible to prevent defect through Inspection.
  • Inspection is not 100% effective.

Then What should you do to achieve “Zero Defect”?

How Can we Prevent Occurrence of defect?

The answer on above all concept is error prevention approach. And this approach implement by the Error Prevention Methodology.

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