What is Measurement?

This post is for the one who know little or nothing about the measurement. This complete guide is for the quality engineer, technician and manager in the field of testing and inspection.

If you are in the above profile then you must know about what is measurement and what is not?

So lets take a look on the subject line.

What is measurement?

Measurement is the process of determining a actual dimension of property.

We can say in terms of example that it is the process of determining the size, length, weight etc.


It might tell us how long, how heavy the product is.

The Inspection is always done by measurement system. And therefore the system consist of dependents such as instruments, rulers, watch, weighing machines, or other specific machines.

We can say that the operator do the inspection using the measure system. In case of MSA the system includes the Operator, Instrument and the object being measure to find out the error and uncertainty in measurement. You can refer the MSA handbook from AIAG.

Now you may clear about the concept.

Lets look in the opposite term,

What is not a measurement?

We may have some practices in manufacturing or inspection that might seems to be measurement, but they are not.

If we take look on examples,

If we count something, that is not normally a measure.

We compare two objects / pieces, and finalize the result base on comparing is not also really a measure.

not measurement

We do some test to validate the product, that is also not a measurement. You may say how this is not a measurement.

Because the test results are “yes/no” or conclusion is “Pass / Fail”. But we can say that the measurement could be the part of test. Which leads to the end test result.

Hope you are now clear about what is measurement? and what is not?


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