Objective monitoring sheet | Why it is important? and How?

Objectives are the key factors need to achieve organizational goals. It is always important to monitor those objectives using the objective monitoring sheet.

But before that you must know the good understanding of the objectives.

It will help you to face the audit and can able to demonstrate the function you work with.

As a quality engineer also advisable to learn this concept in detail.

Let’s dive into the topic of objective monitoring.

Objective monitoring sheet with all objective you can track yearly.

What is objectives?

Every employee within the organization is responsible to do the work as per organizational guidelines and standards.

Those guidelines and standards are helps to achieve the organizational goals.

And there is a need of monitoring those goals to analyze that we are in the right track or not.

Therefore the objectives are place in role here, every organization should identify quality objectives for functions and processes to set goals and improve the organization quality performance.

Day by day the industry becomes more competitive, and if the organization wants to be in the market then must adapt the process of improvement and increase the performance with quality.

These objectives are helps to track the performance and goals of the organization.

IATF and ISO clause 6.2 Quality objective and planning to achieve them

The standard says that organization must identify the objectives which are align to your quality policy considering all stakeholders requirements.

The objectives should be measurable and relevant to your product and customer expectations.

Also it should be communicate at all levels, and monitored, reviewed and updated at define frequency.

Now, it is mandatory that you should monitored your objectives.

Objective monitoring sheet Template

To do the planning and monitoring the objectives there are some points you must clarify first.

What will be done? – The objective statement shows what organization will do.

What is required? – The resources required to achieve the objectives.

Who will be responsible? – The responsible person or department to complete the objectives.

How to monitor and evaluate? – Measurable criteria and monitoring method to evaluate the performance.

The below objective monitoring sheet is needed to monitor the objectives throughout year.

The columns of the yearly monitoring sheet are,

Objectives – The specific objective statement which we will monitor throughout year.

UOM – Unit of measurement. In what unit you will measure the respective objective.

Target – The target we are going to achieve in the year.

Increase or Decrease – Is it good to achieved target in decreasing or increasing way. For example if the objectives is customer rejection PPM then the target is decreasing. If you reduce the PPM then it is good and you will achieve the target.

Responsibility – The person responsible to maintain and achieve the objective target.

Month wise monitoring – Monthly data is recorded to monitor objectives.

Average – The average value till what month you are in to check the objectives are achieved or not.

Objective monitoring sheet example

Refer below filled sheet for better understanding with the help of example.

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