Quality Standards: What are the quality standards in organization

Many engineers are only working on shop floor activity and they don’t get involved in documentation activity. Such as in Auditing, reviews, etc. And that is why they don’t know What is the base behind these activities and the term Quality Standards.

As you have good knowledge about product and process. The next point is to know what are the quality standards in the organization.

So here we can say that everything behind all is standards. The baseline of any organization is standards. Therefore in this post, we will learn about What is Quality standards and which are the examples of standards in the organization?.

What are Quality standards?

Generally, it is the set of documents that provide us the guidelines, requirements, procedures, methods or specifications, or characteristics to implement and ensure our material, processes, product, and services are fit for their purpose.

Quality standards principles

You must have knowledge about these standards because organizations use these standards for

  • Customer satisfaction: Meet customer requirements
  • Protect the organization or product from environmental conditions
  • Ensure product and process are well defined and controlled
  • Meet all legal and regulation points

It is very essential for any business to align with the quality standards

Refer to some of the below standards followed by an organization in manufacturing industries,

Quality Management Standards:

Environmental Management

  • ISO 14000
  • ISO 14001

Risk Management

  • ISO 31011

Food Safety

  • ISO 22000

So the bottom line of every organization is only Standards. You must have look at these standards and their requirement.

Apart from these, as per use and scope many other standards are also applicable.

Every Audit in the organization is align with the standards, so the next step you must know is Audits.

Finally, you have complete one of the basic terms of Roadmap for Quality Engineer. The next step is to follow the roadmap so that you will learn the concept in the actual sequence where every Quality engineer should go through.

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