Why do we get Variation?

Hello Friends, In everywhere we know that not a single entity in the world is identical. Each one is separated from each other by any one of parameter. So in this post you will learn about Why do we get the variation?.

Therefore we can say that the variation is essentially law of nature, also a mother nature.

Lets understand it in the technical point of view.

If we have one product and it gets through the process. The process means where input converted into output.

And the Output quality characteristics depends upon the input parameters.

So, it is impossible to keep input parameters constant. There will be always variation in the input parameters. Since there is variation in the input parameters, there is also variation in the output characteristics.

Law of Nature

In nature there is always variation.  Take case of measurement of the following:

  • height of adult male in a city.
  • weight of 15 years old boy in a town.
  • weight of bars 5 meter long 25 mm dia.
  • volume in 300 cc soft drink bottle.
  • number of minutes required to fill an invoice.
  • The law of mother nature says that every object, entity, part in the nature is not identical with other.

Case when Data Does Not Show Variation

There could be two reasons when data do not show variation:

a) Measuring devices are insensitive to spot variation.
b) Too much rounding off the data while recording.

Insensitive Measuring Device

If the measuring device is not sensitive, enough to respond to small changes in value of the quality characteristics, variation will not be reflected in the data.

For example: Weighing gold chains by using weighing scale used for vegetables.

Too Much Rounding Off During Recording

It could also be possible that too much rounding off might have been carried while recording the measurements.

This normally happens when the column in data recording sheet is not wide enough to record all the decimal places of measurements.  Because of paucity of the space, workmen round off observations on their own.


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