Foundation and Family FMEA | Every Quality Engineer must know

Hi, Lets understand the complete concept of Foundation and Family FMEA.

When we start for creation of a new Design and Process FMEA, we start with project planning stage.

In the project planning there are many inputs we consider. Some of the inputs are 5T project planning, Legal and safety requirements, Drawings, Reference/Family FMEA, Foundation FMEA/Generic FMEA.

As the foundation and Family FMEA and/or Reference FMEA is the inputs require for the new FMEA creation by FMEA Moderator.

Therefor we must need to understand the importance of Foundation and Family FMEA.

Foundation FMEA

What is the Foundation FMEA?

Foundation FMEA is not any different FMEA. It is a one of the FMEA in which we update all the data related to past experience and lesson learnt.

There are many points integrate in the Foundation FMEA such as Lesson leant, Past Failures (Warranty failures, Customer claims, internal failures).

You can say the Foundation FMEA is one of the database in which all past and relevant information are available.

The Foundation FMEA is also known as Generic FMEA, Baseline FMEA, Master FMEA, Standard FMEA, Many more. It may vary company to company how they give name to Foundation FMEA.

Why Foundation FMEA? | What are the Purpose?

The Foundation FMEA is the complete database for all lesson learnt and past experiences.

When you create the new FMEA then the Foundation FMEA will help to consider the past and important failures analysis for new program. It is the base standard reference for the new FMEA.

Benefits of Foundation FMEA

Reduce Time, Efforts and Cost:

FMEA analysis activity itself is the time consuming task. If you have already created or Base FMEA then it will reduce your 80% efforts.

Also it saves analysis time and the man hours or team hours spend on analysis will be reduced.

time effort and cost save when use of foundation and family fmea.

Lesson learned consideration:

There are chances of missing important failures from past history. So the foundation FMEA will help to consider and have those failures in our new analysis.

How to Create the Foundation FMEA?

Foundation FMEA is created as same as we create the Design FMEA and Process FMEA. Only difference is there is no specific/one program structure and content.

The Foundation FMEA has a common ground where all the product and processes whichever in the organization taken care of.

Also it is frequently reviewed and updated. The Foundation FMEA is update on regular basis for new failures identified and also lesson learn, customer claims and all other condition by which we usually update our FMEA.

There is complete guide on when to update the FMEA? and How FMEA update after customer claim?

How to use the Foundation FMEA?

The foundation FMEA is use as a reference FMEA for new program FMEA analysis. It can be DFMEA or PFMEA.

When we start new FMEA creation, at that time consider the Foundation FMEA as a reference and consider the applicable components and assembly or process for our new program.

And just review and update the content base on Cross Functional Team review. It is important to thoroughly check and modify the ratings based on the current program.

Product or Process Family FMEA

What are the Family FMEA’s?

Family FMEA is also same as our regular Design FMEA or Process FMEA. The Family FMEA has only one point is it is the FMEA of many Product/Assemblies.

It is a one FMEA for many programs/assemblies.

In an organization many products are lies in same categories, having same function and product architecture. Considering such product and process group we create one Family FMEA.

What is the purpose of Family FMEA?

The purpose of Family FMEA is to have a common FMEA for all relevant product and processes. This will avoid to create multiple FMES’s for all similar products.

This will ensures that when you update any one of the FMEA for customer claim then you have to update all relevant FMEA’s for the same customer claim as a horizontal deployment of actions for other programs.

So family FMEA will help us to update only one FMEA and all applicable products will be taken care of.

How to create the Family FMEA?

Family FMEA is created as same as we create our regular Design FMEA and Process FMEA’s.

The only difference in regular FMEA and Family FMEA is the identification of product varient or processes. It is important to clearly distinguished and highlights which topic represented by which varient.

It may be the different versions mentions in FMEA structure.

Difference between Foundation and Family FMEA

Foundation FMEA is generic FMEA which covers all product and processes as a general study. Whereas the Family FMEA is a specific FMEA for one common product family, which delivers the same function and similar boundary conditions.

Different product and processes are in one FMEA can considered in foundation FMEA. Whereas specific one product group and process is to be consider in Family FMEA.

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