Expansion of AI based visual inspection solution for manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is growing and now the AI is also crucial in evolution of manufacturing industry. Let’s talk about the AI based visual inspection.

Visual inspection itself the time consuming and not effective inspection method. Till there is need for all organization to do the visual inspection for their product verification check.

As a Quality Engineer you must understand this new future technology. Understand the need for career point that how to upgrade as a self in this competitive market.

AI based visual inspection feature image shown the laptop and ai machine to do the product inspection visual using AI system

What is AI based visual inspection?

AI is the Artificial Intelligence. Now the AI and Computer vision system used to do the inspection and evaluate the product. This is the AI based inspection.

This concept uses the advanced algorithms, machine learning and deep learning technologies to verify the images or videos with the required specifications. As a output this system will effectively and efficiently detect the damage, failures or irregularities in the product.

Camera system used to detect the visuals and possibility to do the AI based visual inspection to gather data analyze it to verify non conforming products.

On large perspective the benefits of such system is, it can detect the small amount of defect which is difficult by human to identify.

Here High end camera systems to get visual data of the product, then AI algorithm used to process and analyze the data.

AI base visual Inspection Companies

Mitsubishi Electric and Hacarus Corporation will expand AI Based visual inspection solution for manufacturing

On 21st Jan 2024 Mitsubishi Electric and Hacarus Corporation had jointly announced that they will expand the AI-based inspection solution for manufacturing sector.

In this collaboration, Mitsubishi will take an equity in Hacarus Corporation.

In-process inspection is more and more complex now a days due to more production rate and human intervention.

Therefore AI-Based inspection is the future for manufacturing industry. Also there will be labor shortage in Japan and considering this as the positive approach integrating AI with factory automation will be game changer.

The automated manufacturing is exponentially growing industry and still there are lot of organizations following the manual inspection. To grab this opportunity this AI-based visual inspection will be the best solution for higher productivity, good quality product and problem of Japan labor force.

Lot of other companies are trying to develop and provide this AI-based visual inspection among the industry.

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