How Generative AI will help in manufacturing industry

Generative AI in manufacturing domain is the future. Many organizations are working to develop GenAI models for manufacturing industries.

Manufacturing industry started from ancient age. Which was started by making tools from stone. Back then to now there were huge revolutions drawn into the manufacturing world.

Lot of advancement is made in this domain from initial assembly line used by manual labor to robots now a days. But current industry 4.0 revolution comes with digitization, data analytics, cloud computing and AI. This will be the future in coming days.

Everyone talks about the stuff AI and all but what exactly potential changes and impact this technology bring into the manufacturing segment.

Let’s try to understand those all potential possibilities,

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Why Gen AI in manufacturing is important?

AI is creating impact on all the industries. The capability of Gen AI is to identify tasks, images, objects. This is a huge achievement in the AI field and next level of this AI is to analyse those inputs and suggest a decision based on situation. These all comes under what is happening now, why? What is root cause and what is the output of this. And finally based on these all analysis it gives some decision, what we should do about it.

These all transformation happen just because of Large Language Model generative and operative capabilities.

Large language Models like GPT, LaMBDA and LLaMA.

There are thremensoud potential of these models to structure and provide good insights of unstructured data.

Therefore the combination of these AI and ML techniques helps the manufacturing industry to create a knowledge based structure.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is one of the type of Artificial intelligence which helps to produce the useful content in the format of text, images, videos, audio etc.

Use cases of Gen AI in manufacturing

In the era of industry 4.0 many top manufacturers are working on AI technology to improve there areas. As per paper published by TCS. The research conducted by TCS Global Cloud Study. It said 73% of manufacturing companies raised their investment into AI & ML field in last 1-2 year. Many more than 76% said that they will invest in next 1-2 year for the same.

Generative AI is very helpful in manuacturing industry

This also comes under the use case of Generative AI in manufacturing sector.

Let’s understand how Gen AI applicability in the field.

Product Design

Generative AI helps to generate requirement management based on concepts and customer market buying patterns. This will increase speed of product development. Design engineer can build concept design, prototyping solutions and other parameters such as weight, cost, durability to achieved best output.

Operation / Production

Gen AI is capable of managing the data of many plants at a time. The real time manufacturing and process pattern analysis are the best solution of such technology. It helps to synchronization of multiple plants across the globe. Also support planning system for machines, labor, material to minimize bottleneck and waste in manufacturing.

Process can be efficient to producing good quality products. With help of sensor and Gen AI technology can detect the failures, defects and auto correct the process if needed.


AI based visual inspection is already in the market. Enhancing this capability with Gen AI is good solution for achieving best in class quality. Generative AI supports manufacturing process to produced good quality product and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management

Production, inventory, supply and demand need separate planning. It involves high degree of sync to meet customer need. Lot of data communication between many departments are the crucial steps here. Therefore there are possibilities to create model which work on supply and demand to auto synchronize the manufacturing or production facility. 

Sales and Marketing

Gen AI helps to reach customer through cold calls to close, pricing, offers, accurate lead acquisition. Contract generation and all sales process done by Gen AI models.

Customer Service

Natural language models helps customers to guide self-help process which offers accurate responses and use resources time to focus on more important inquiries.


AI will catere the manufacturing industry very well. As industry 4.0 growing rapidly therefore AI in manufacturing is the future of this industry.

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