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We will cover this article walkthrough for system FMEA or SFMEA.

FMEA is a big topic to understand. Nowadays many organizations from different sectors are using the FMEA as a risk analysis tool. The risk of technical failures.

Also, there are many names of FMEA. You can refer below picture.

System FMEA name among all FMEA names in industry

Now, according to the AIAG-VDA FMEA standard, there are three types of FMEA. Design FMEA, Process FMEA and FMEA MSR.

Then what is System FMEA (SFMEA)?

Let’s elaborate on the type System FMEA then.

System FMEA

The name suggests that it’s considered the system failure analysis. System FMEA is nothing but the Design FMEA for the complete system only.

The scope of the system FMEA is an entire system and the interfaces with other systems. This analysis consists of functions and potential failures of a system.

What is the content of System FMEA?

This FMEA covers the same steps we follow in Design FMEA but the scope is System level only.

The steps of Project planning at the System Level cover the scope definition of our FMEA. Which system do we want to consider in our FMEA?

The boundary and interface diagram will play a huge role here, in defining our system. We can visualize our system and the interaction in the boundary diagram.

Then do the project planning using the 5T concept.

Next, we do the System Level Structure Analysis.

As we already have the boundary diagram, so we have the system at the top level and all the interfaces.

Create a structure so that you can do further function and failure analysis to identify the Failure cause, failure mode, and failure effect of the system.

@Structure of System FMEA@

Other steps of function analysis, failure analysis, and risk analysis are the same as the steps we have described in our detailed Design FMEA articles.

Specifically for system FMEA Identify the function of our system at the customer end, functions of interfaces at the customer and with other systems.

And the failures of interface connections and the complete system.

But if you are doing system FMEA for an Electrical/Electronics system then it is recommended to go with FMEA-MSR. Which is nothing but the FMEA for Monitoring and System Response.

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